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One Bold Topic, One Powerful Conversation

Join us in the mission to disrupt the mainstream narratives in the B2B Startup space

About the Pod

Hi, I'm Bharath, your guide on this journey into the unconventional. "Disruptive Dialogues" isn't your run-of-the-mill business podcast. It's a bold conversation where we dive deep into a single topic that challenges the status quo in the startup universe.It is a unique podcast focusing on the untold, the unusual, and the unexplored in the realm of startups. In each episode, we dive deep into one bold topic, delivering insightful and powerful conversations with recently funded startup founders.

"Disruptive Dialogues" is a beacon for all the non-conformists, the disruptors, and the rule-breakers. Here, we uncover powerful insights by daring to ask difficult questions and by having thought-provoking conversations with recently funded startup founders.The tagline, "One Bold Topic, One Powerful Conversation", encapsulates our mission. In each episode, we pick one bold, controversial topic, exploring it thoroughly, eliciting deep insights that you won't find elsewhere. This approach gives us room to dig deeper, challenge assumptions, and present unconventional perspectives.*

Why Listen?

If you're a startup founder just secured funding, you're probably looking for ways to navigate the new challenges and pressures.In this quest, wouldn't it be helpful to hear directly from those who've been there and done that?The lessons, the strategies, and the disruptive insights you'll hear on this podcast will equip you to handle your journey ahead.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike most podcasts that explore a range of topics in one go, Disruptive Dialogues dedicates each episode to one groundbreaking idea. Our episodes are packed with honest discussions, contrarian stances, and actionable insights from the very people who are shaking things up in the startup world.

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